Squirrel Dogs and The Outdoors
Pete and Rosie after a squirrel in a running tube.
These are three of the pups from  Pete and Rosie. They are nine weeks old and already getting after a dead squirrel that I hung in the pen.
Rachel and Laura on a hiking trip on Cheaha Mountain in Alabama.
Cur dog pups that I got from Al Medcalf in Georgia.  They are grandsons from Laster's Jaybird and Cauley's Swiff Leggs on bottom and top. The close dog is Bubba and I still have him, but Rick belongs to another one of my hunting friends.
This is on a fishing/camping trip we make every year to the Coosa River.  This year we caught almost 300lbs of fish and had a great time.  The fried catfish out in the woods just can't be beat.
Rosie and Big Red taking it easy.
My little buddy Laura with one of the pups taking it easy on the couch. 
Turkeys at the feeder over at the cabin.
Deer going toward the feeder to get him some corn.
Ready to go after the squirrels.
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