Cheaha Mountain
Alabama's Highest Mountain
                  Clay and Cleburne  County
Swimming hole and beach at the foot of the mountain  in the Cheaha State Park.  A good place to swim, fish and have a good time .
This is a section of the Talladega National Forest where the Odum Trail starts and goes to the summit of Cheaha Mountain.  This area is called High Falls, beautiful all year around.  Great hiking and just messing around in the forest.
Another view at High Falls looking up from the falls.
Rachel and Laura taking a hike to a water falls near Cheaha State Park.  The picture upper left is that water falls
Cheaha Mountain Scenic Drive
One of the many beautiful scenes at Cheaha Mountain
Playing on the beach at Cheaha State Park
Talladega National Forest  at High Falls
Lots of rocks and loads  of fun playing around in the Talladega National Forest
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