Hunkapiller's Wilderness
Alton Lee Hunkapiller
Lineville, Alabama

        Bubba died Sept 2006
             Snake killed him!
This is an eastern wild turkey that I took spring of 2004
This is our cabin in the national forest in Talladega, Alabama.  We hunt deer, turkey and squirrels......only  have to go out the door and we're in the woods.
This is some of my sport Feist pups out of my Pete dog and Rosie.  Pete is a dog given to me by my Uncle Ray and is almost 10 years old but still getting those squirrels.  Rosie is daughter of Cate's Jumper, who won Alabama State hunt in the fall of 2004.
Some of my friends with our foster daughter catching bream at our pond.
Laura with J J, her mule.
Looking Southeast from our cabin.
Cheahamt on SDC
Home of my Treeing Cur........Hunk's Swiff Bubba T............Cur/feist out of Earnest T Bass.... owned by Billy Laster...... and Laster's Pepper........Cauley's Swiff Legg's/Lasters Streak-O-Taff(Earnest T's) parents...........Pepper is out of Laster's Jaybird and Cauley's Brindle Molly.  Bubba was born 6/17/2003.
Treeing Feist ........... Treeing Curs
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